When Is Plaster Ceiling Repair Needed?

If you have plaster ceilings in your home, you might feel pretty lucky. After all, plaster ceilings are known for being long-lasting and durable. They're often quite beautiful, are more fire-safe than other ceilings, and are great for absorbing noise. However, even plaster ceilings need repairs from time to time. For example, these are a few signs that you should think about calling a plaster ceiling repair professional who can help you with repairing your plaster ceiling.

You've Had a Roof Leak

If you have had a roof leak, then your ceiling might have been negatively impacted because of it. First, you should make sure that you address the roofing issue so that the problem won't get worse. Then, you should have your plaster ceiling repaired.

Your Ceiling Is Sagging

One thing that you might notice about plaster ceilings is that when they get old, they can tend to get a little bit saggy. There are various things that can cause this problem, such as if your house has "settled" over the years, if you have drywall problems, or if your ceiling was not installed properly in the first place. It's best to address the issue when the sagging is minimal, but even if your plaster ceiling has a pretty bad sagging problem, the problem can be fixed. 

There Are Cracks in the Ceiling

It's not abnormal to see cracks in your plaster ceiling, but this does not mean that you should ignore the cracks. Even minor cracks should be addressed, but typically, they can be repaired pretty simply by someone who performs plaster ceiling repairs.

You've Removed a Light Fixture

If there was previously a light fixture attached to your ceiling, then you might have decided to remove it for some reason or another. For example, you may have decided to replace it with a smaller light fixture. Your ceiling might have been damaged when the light fixture was being installed or even when it was being removed, so there might be visible damage to the ceiling now. You might be worried about how this damage looks, and you may have your concerns about whether or not there will be problems because of this damage, too. Luckily, you don't have to worry, since a plaster ceiling repair professional can help.

These are some of the signs of plaster ceiling issues that you should watch out for. Then, you can have your ceiling properly repaired by someone who has experience with working on and repairing plaster ceilings.