Does Your Home Need Professional Mould Remediation? 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Most homeowners understand that mould is not healthy for their home and their health. However, few people think about mould and how to prevent it unless they have had an encounter with it. Mould damage is more common than most people acknowledge, and it can cost a few hundreds of dollars or thousands to remediate. It is always good to watch out for the signs of the damage before it gets to a place where it will ruin your home and compromise the wellness of your family members. Here are some of the common indicators that you need mould remediation.

1. When You Have Water Leaks

Mould is always a by-product of excessive moisture in hidden corners of the home. The water could be from a leak in the plumbing system, such as a burst pipe in the wall, basement and other areas. It can also be a leaking water tap, tab, sink and other fixture. If you notice dark stains forming on the wall, floor or bathroom tiles, and there are wet patches around, it is time to call the mould remediation company. In addition, the water from the leaking roof often leads to mould damage on the ceiling, the upper walls of the home and the attic.

2. When the Home Has Ventilation Issues

Another indicator that a house might have mould damage is when it keeps having recurrent ventilation issues. These include too much humidity in some rooms, excessive heat and general stuffiness. When the ventilation is weak, the moisture does not dissipate into the environment soon enough. As a result, it stays inside the house and increases mould damage on the floor and walls.

3. When People Get Sick

You can also tell that you have a mould problem in your home when the family members start showing health symptoms such as constant sneezing. When mould grows, it starts producing spores that could spread out throughout the house. Some people get severe allergic reactions to spores. Mould can also trigger asthma attacks. Therefore, watch out for the health symptoms and act accordingly.

4. Stains on the Surfaces

Mould forms dark greyish and black stains when it starts spreading. It is time to call professionals when you notice the stains in places with an unusual musty odour. They will test and determine if you have mould.

Mould damage in your home is not a problem you can ignore. Call professionals and have them fix the issue immediately. You will uphold your family's health, comfort and the durability of your home.