Which Type of Shower Head Is Easiest to Maintain?

A leaking shower head can be a nuisance to the home. Leaking showers not only reduce the pressure that water comes out with, but they can also result in more costly damages to the shower area. Leaking water can get inside the walls and floors, damaging the subfloor and even providing a breeding ground for mould.

When renovating your shower, it is important to select a shower head that is of good quality and is less prone to leaking. Here are some commonly used shower head types and an assessment of their overall quality.

1. Single Spray

The single spray shower head can be considered the most common type of shower head used in homes. It consists of a single spraying system with an adjustable nozzle that can change the pattern of spray that comes out. The term "single spray" arises from the single shower head design that makes it convenient for installation in many different bathrooms.


The single spray is a cost-effective option for the home, but may not be as durable as other shower head types. For instance, the adjustable nozzle is often a culprit for leaking as the shower head undergoes wear and tear. The durability of this shower head type will largely depend on the materials you select and how the product is installed in the home.

2. Handheld shower heads

A handheld shower head can be detached from its position and used when sitting or standing. A long hose attaches the shower head to the wall where the water supply comes from. They offer flexibility, multiple design options, and increased usability even for disabled persons.


When properly cared for, handheld showers can last for a long time. However, the pipe that connects to the shower head and enables it to move around is often prone to leaking. The shower head may also get loose over time and result in leaks at the point where the pipe and shower head connect.

3. Rain showerheads

Rain shower heads feature a larger and wider surface that releases water similar to what you would feel during a rainfall. They are comfortable, calm, and soothing, with a steady and even supply of water.


Rain shower heads may come at a higher cost but they offer excellent durability. They are often made of high quality stainless steel or aluminium and are less prone to leaking. The rain spraying design may however demand a larger water supply than other shower heads.

4. Ceiling mounted shower heads

These shower heads attach directly to the ceiling with no external pipes visible. They are also a higher end option for the home but are less prone to wear and tear. They offer a luxurious bathing experience through a large water supply and added water pressure.