Timber Flooring: Simple Guidelines on Repairing Gaps between Boards

Significant gaps can develop in between the boards of your timber floors. These unwanted gaps are unsightly, and they will compromise the appearance of the entire home. Also, the spaces tend to allow the accumulation of dirt, and cleaning out the deposits can be challenging. In addition, the gaps can become tripping hazards for the residents because the edges of the boards will begin curling upwards. Fortunately, you can perform repairs and restore the flooring appearance and performance. Here are some simple guidelines on eliminating troublesome gaps in your timber flooring.

Install Wood Strips

You can fill the gaps between your floor boards with wood strips. In simple terms, you can obtain pieces of timber which can be installed into these unsightly spaces. Their insertion should create an acceptable appearance, and the flooring will be stabilised. Under ideal circumstances, you should use spare boards from your original flooring project. Using the same material will ensure that there are minimal variations in appearance. However, if this is not possible, you can just obtain wood from the same species. When installing your wood strips, you should use glue to ensure that the repair material sticks. Also, plane down and sand the strips to create a level surface.

Fill the Spaces With Rope

You should consider filling in the gaps between the wood with rope. This method is old, but it might match your traditional flooring and home. For this process, you will need to acquire suitable rope such as jute or cotton ropes. The ropes should be tested to ensure that they can fit into the gap. Once you are satisfied with your ropes, you should clean out the gaps using a scraper and a vacuum. Then, you should apply some glue on the ropes and push into the gaps. Allow the glue to dry completely. Finally, you can re-stain your floor and seal the surface for optimal durability of the repair.

Use Wood Filler

It is possible to fill in the gaps on your timber flooring with commercial wood fillers. This material is widely available and inexpensive, and it can be used with ease by homeowners. If you are interested in this repair method, you will need to purchase the filler and a putty knife. Then, after cleaning the gaps, you should use the knife to force the material into the gaps. Once it dries, you can sand it down. Unfortunately, fillers are quite brittle, so the repair will fall apart if the boards shift.