Possible Causes of Your Sagging Ceiling Plaster

You shouldn't ignore a dangerous sagging ceiling, which could potentially collapse and fall on top of someone, causing stress and injury. A new plaster ceiling replacement will keep your home safe and secure and forestall any catastrophes. You may wonder what causes a ceiling to sag in the first place. Several possibilities follow below. Roof Leaks Rainwater can leak into the roof cavity without you being aware of any danger. You might notice one sign, however: an expanding dark mildew patch that spreads across the ceiling. [Read More]

Understanding the 3 Vital Concrete Repair Methods before Calling in a Crack Repair Service

It's common to find concrete as the primary construction material for roads, bridges and buildings. But just like any other construction material, concrete can suffer from cracks over time. Unrepaired cracks develop into large, risky crevices capable of causing structural failure.  Repairing a cracked concrete structure can be costly and time-consuming. For this reason, it's wise to adopt an ideal concrete repair strategy to save on time, money and energy while ensuring a long-lasting result. [Read More]

Four Fundamental Steps for Repairing Your Shower Grout

Shower tiles are long-lasting, but the grout installed in between these units is vulnerable to degradation. This material tends to crumble and breakdown after exposure to moisture because of its porosity. This damage can result in the floor leakage and subsequent structural water damage. Therefore, if the grout lines in your bathroom are compromised, you should plan on conducting immediate repairs. This process will involve replacing the old material and sealing the lines. [Read More]

Why Does the Outside of Your Fridge Feel Hot?

While your fridge's job is to keep things cold, this doesn't mean that the appliance itself will always feel cool to the touch. There are times when the outside of a fridge can feel warm or even hot. This is often just a temporary issue. However, sometimes it is a sign that your fridge has a problem. Why does your fridge feel hot on the outside and do you need to do anything about it? [Read More]