Storm Damage Repair — What You Need To Know About Flooding In Your Home

Storm damage repair is not a service that people will typically need on a routine basis. Therefore, when faced with this calamity, chances are you could underrate the importance of calling in the professionals, as you assume you can get rid of the water on your own. In truth, any flood damage in your home poses a host of risks, especially if your home is flooding due to weather changes rather than a burst pipe. [Read More]


Pontoons are structures which have been filled with air and provide buoyancy. There are various objects that can float on pontoons and they include: Float-plane which are also referred to as pontoon planes. Pontoon bridges which are bridges that are supported by a shallow draft encased or open floats. A pontoon boat is a boat which has a flat bottom and is dependent on pontoons for it to float. [Read More]

How Important is a Structural Engineer to Construction and Remodelling Projects?

Before the turn of the new millennium, structural engineering used to be considered a civil engineering discipline. Today though, it is a separate discipline in build construction, earthquake resistance construction and mechanical engineering. The main objective of a structural engineer is to look into any faults during the design phase of the construction to help reduce risks. Structural engineers help ensure buildings resist forces that can cause the structure to deform to the extent of compromising the structural integrity of a building. [Read More]

Why Waterproofing Your Concrete Basement Should Be Mandatory

There are various reasons why you may not consider basement waterproofing a necessary maintenance measure. Firstly, a good number of homeowners tend to treat this space as their residence's main catchall, which translates into all forms of clutter piling up in this room since they are long forgotten. Secondly, since the basement is made from concrete, you probably assume that it would be safe from water ingress as opposed to structures that are built from timber. [Read More]