How to Control Sensitisation When Welding Stainless Steel Tube

Sensitisation refers to the loss of the chromium content as one is welding stainless steel. This loss of chromium predisposes the stainless steel product to corrosion. Several options are available to welders to prevent sensitisaton from happening as they repair stainless steel tube. This article discusses some of those options. Use of Low-Carbon Fillers The first option entails selecting welding fillers that have minimal amounts of carbon in them. Such low levels of carbon will be unable to react with the chromium layer in order to create chromium carbides. [Read More]

Applications of CNC Machining in various Industries

Because CNC machines are capable of automating various processes and achieving the same results with a higher level of precision, the method has been incorporated into many different industries. CNC machines are now being used to cut, grind and polish raw materials in multiple manufacturing processes. Indeed, CNC has changed the way most industries operate by adding automation, reducing costs, and increasing production efficiency. Transportation industry Components of vehicles, aeroplanes and trains are mostly produced via a method called metal removal. [Read More]

Storm Damage Repair — What You Need To Know About Flooding In Your Home

Storm damage repair is not a service that people will typically need on a routine basis. Therefore, when faced with this calamity, chances are you could underrate the importance of calling in the professionals, as you assume you can get rid of the water on your own. In truth, any flood damage in your home poses a host of risks, especially if your home is flooding due to weather changes rather than a burst pipe. [Read More]


Pontoons are structures which have been filled with air and provide buoyancy. There are various objects that can float on pontoons and they include: Float-plane which are also referred to as pontoon planes. Pontoon bridges which are bridges that are supported by a shallow draft encased or open floats. A pontoon boat is a boat which has a flat bottom and is dependent on pontoons for it to float. [Read More]