Why Steel Beams Are the More Sensible Choice for Buildings in Australia

If you are considering updating or restoring your property due to the slow degradation of your structural elements then you probably will need to consider adding some new beams in. In the past, most residential properties used wooden beams, and there are some advantages to them. They are cheaper, easier to adjust on-site, and weigh less. However,  those advantages really pale in comparison to some of the more obvious and crucial ways that steel beams outperform their wooden counterparts. Here are a few reasons why you should always choose steel if you live in Australia.

Much Stronger

Strength alone probably outweighs all the ways timber might have an edge over steel. Steel beams are far stronger than wood in almost any measurable way. This means that if you want to add more weight on top through a home extension, or perhaps you want to switch the layout of your second floor to contain much heavier items, you can do so easily. Steel beams also have virtually no chance of crushing under the weight of the items on top, no matter how heavy they get.  For bigger homes and larger families who want to expand in the future, this is a must.


Wood, being a porous and biodegradable substance, will never be able to match up to the strength of steel over a long period of time. While it is true that steel can degrade if left open to water, there are a few reasons why this is not an issue in structural areas of your home:

  • The area of your home the steel beams would be placed would virtually never come into contact with water.
  • The steel beams would be coated in anti-rust sealants that prevent rust from forming even if water did somehow leak into its habitat.

When you consider that wood is susceptible to rotting, sagging, termites, and more issues due to its weaker composition, there is no comparison.

Ease Of Installation

Because steel beams are not able to be changed on-site, they have to be measured precisely. While that can sound scary, as if they make a mistake they will have to send it back to the factory, the reality is that mistakes are very rare. What you get is an extremely precise piece of material that slots directly into the spot available for it. This makes the whole process a lot easier, especially when timber can be so finicky to get into the correct spot.

To learn more, contact companies that supply steel beams.