3 Reasons to Repaint Used Forklifts

If you're buying used forklifts, then you'll check that the machines are in good enough condition for your investment. You don't want to spend a lot of money fixing mechanical errors and replacing broken parts.

While many used forklifts work just fine, they won't necessarily look all that good. If a forklift has been in action for a while, then its paintwork might be chipped and faded. It might be mechanically perfect, but it will look old and tired.

While you should focus on getting a reliable machine, cosmetics also matter down the line. If you're looking to buy machines that have cosmetic issues, then it's worth investing in a repaint before you start using them. Why?

1. Extend the Life of the Forklifts

Worn and damaged paintwork might not be an issue to start with. It won't give the forklift any problems. However, this can become a problem later if the paint is left to degrade, especially if you'll use the machine outdoors where it is exposed to the weather. For example, if a machine doesn't have full paint protection, then its underlying materials will start to degrade. Metal might rust if it rains on the machine; plastic might turn brittle and crack with too much exposure to the sun.

If you have the machine stripped and repainted, then you restore its full protective coating. You can even have any problem areas, such as rust spots, sandblasted off to get rid of them. This means that the forklift will last longer.

2. Create a More Professional Fleet

If your forklifts look old and worn, then they don't project a good image of your business. Customers on your site who see the machines might think that you don't care about investing in your stock. Your employees might not treat the machines with the care they deserve if they look like they look old and worn.

However, if you have the forklifts professionally repainted, then they look as good as new. You project a professional image, and your staff may take better care of the machines.

3. Customise the Forklifts

If you're buying forklifts from different sources, then they won't all automatically look the same. They might all have different colours; some might have logos and stickers on them from their previous owners. As such, if you repaint all your used forklifts, then you create a liveried fleet. You can go for a standard colour or even match your company's branding. You can even add extra touches to the job if you wish by adding logos and department names to each machine.

To find out more about the benefits of repainting your used forklifts, contact forklift repair and restoration specialists.