What Do You Need to Know Before Choosing a Transformer?

If you need to buy a transformer for your industrial operation, then you will want to assess your choices and make the best purchase from a productivity and durability point of view. You may have many options to consider, but you will need to determine where you are going to place the machine and, crucially, how to deal with the dissipation of heat. What do you need to know?

Heat Dissipation Loss

In an ideal world, a transformer will be 100% efficient when it is operating at full capacity. However, each product can lose a certain amount of its productivity, depending on the materials used in its construction and its location. For example, a lot of heat can build up within the central core — especially once the optimal operating temperature is reached. The efficiency of the machine will depend on how this heat is dealt with, in order to minimise loss as much as possible.

Liquid Filled Transformers

There are two primary categories of transformer to think about, and the first is the liquid-filled version. This uses synthetic fluid or oils to absorb and remove some of the excess heat. However, the temperature of the oil itself has to be maintained carefully, as otherwise, it will lose its efficiency and, consequently, its ability to get rid of that excess heat.

Dry Transformers

You may choose to buy a transformer cooled by circulating air instead. This is known as a dry transformer, and you need to ensure that the right amount of air is directed across the surface of the transformer for the thermal heat process to work effectively. This type of transformer will need to be located carefully, with plenty of space to allow for heat dissipation. You can calculate how much room you will need using a specific formula, based on the number of cubic feet for each kilowatt of heat generated. In some cases, you may have to force the cooling air across the surface by installing a fan.


Each particular type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, there is always a risk of combustion with the liquid-filled version and the casing may have a tendency to leak. You'll also need to keep these transformers as clean as possible, as even a small layer of grease or dust can insulate the surface and stop the transformer from dissipating its heat.

Best Choice

Talk with your product supplier about your specific needs, your expectations and the equipment installation. They will then be able to provide you with the best product of transformers for sale.